Outstanding small batch wine made in Victoria’s best wine regions. Handmade in limited runs and delivered to your door.

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The love of family &
the love of wine

“Just like a person, every wine vintage is perfectly unique. They tell a story of the fruit, the land of that year and the people that put it all together. To me, nothing is more exciting than travelling to discover new cultures and new expressions of flavours in their wine.”
- Martin Burns

Every vineyard carefully selected, every fruit handpicked.

Each of our wines are from the very best wine regions for that particular wine. We believe that by keeping each vintage to a single vineyard, we can express the true flavours of the time and place in it’s purest form.

Wine for generations to come.

At Mont Wines, we enjoy our wines more knowing that we are supporting local winemakers that use ethical and sustainable practices, as well as organic and biodynamic products that benefit the land, not detract from it.


Smaller runs allow us to maintain quality control and sustainable practises.


Only pay for the wine you drink, not the distance it covers.


We pride ourselves on great wine, but even better service.