Try this super easy to prepare Chicken Stir-Fry paired with a bottle of our very own Yarra Valley Pinot Gris - a delicious recipe which serves 2 people, supplied by our friend Gavin AKA Another Food Blogger (




Chicken tenderloins x 200g

Pad Thai Noodles x 100g

Carrot x 1

Capsicums x 2

Red Onion x ½

Garlic x 2 cloves – crushed

Ginger x 1 tsp – minced

Canola Oil x 2 tbsp


Peanut Butter x 50g

Hoisin x 3 tbsp

Lime juice x 1 tbsp

Chili flakes x ½ -1 tsp

Water x 2 tbsp

Soy x 1 tbsp

Garnish (optional)


Peanuts – crushed

Spring onions – diced

Crispy shallots


  1. Slice chicken tenderloins into small bite sized pieces
  2. Cut capsicums, carrot & onion into small matchstick sized pieces (julienne)
  3. Mix all sauce ingredients together and set aside
  4. Cook the noodles according to packet
  5. As the noodles are cooking start by adding the canola oil to a wok on high heat
  6. Cook chicken pieces for 2-3 minutes on high heat
  7. Add vegetables and cook for a further 2 minutes
  8. Add noodles & sauce and toss to combine
  9. Serve in a bowl & top with optional garnishes


  • The key to cooking a stir-fry correctly is speed – make sure your pan is smoking hot as you start, keep the food moving and don’t crowd the pan at the start or else it will drop the temperature down
  • I used ½ tsp chili flakes in my sauce – I like a bite but not too much spice
  • The garnishes ARE optional but the texture the nuts & crispy shallots bring make it feel way more authentic

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