My friends call me Monty.

My love for wine was fostered as a teenager working the vines of the Pyrenees, where my parents bought an old sheep property and transformed it into their own vineyard. They took full advantage of my sisters and me as free labour and we picked Shiraz, Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grapes to sell to local wineries. We began making our own wine as the vineyard expanded, which is when I started to appreciate what a piece of land was capable of.

This appreciation grew while studying environmental science at university and went into overdrive during a three-month secondment in the Pilbara. It morphed into a decade-long adventure as an environmental scientist across The Pilbara, Kakadu and Perth, but the siren song of Victoria's wine regions became too much to resist. Soon enough, I had settled in the Mornington Peninsula and was working at different cellar doors, vineyards and wineries, which gave me the inspiration to start my own label - Mont.

We make small-batch,
single-vineyard wines.

Some winemakers will blend different types of grapes, or grapes from different regions, but every Mont wine is a pure expression of its origin. I source small parcels of fruit from the regions and vineyards that grow each varietal I enjoy best, with grapes being handpicked and certified organic whenever possible.

The low yield of grapes per vineyard means better quality grapes, while a combination of new and French oak is used to complement, not overwhelm, the fruits' flavour. These aren't natural wines; Mont wines are made using classic winemaking techniques, but we try not to overwork the wines in the process. The result? Great wines with a real sense of place.

Wine that's made
(and hopefully enjoyed)

As an environmental scientist, I'm very aware of my impact on the world, which is why I want Mont to be as responsible, sustainable and ethical as possible. All our partners are paid a fair rate for their products and services. Our boxes are made in Melbourne from recycled cardboard and I'm hoping to source all-recycled packing materials.

At the end of the day, these are really interesting, high-quality wines that are as great in the glass as they are for our environment. They've been made to highlight Victoria's incredible wine regions and to be shared with friends and family. I can't wait for you to try them.